Last Chance Diner

My name is Joan Watson and my true love is cooking.  I began when I was 8.  It was my mother’s birthday and I wanted to make her a cake.  I looked in a recipe book and found something called a Boston Cream Pie.  I had never heard of it before and decided to make it for my mother.  My mother was a nurse and she was working that day.  I’m assuming I had a babysitter, however I don’t remember one.  I do remember my girlfriend was helping me.  We followed the directions and it went great.  We cleaned the kitchen afterwards and then decorated the house with homemade decorations.  We turned off all the lights, hid and then jumped out and yelled “Surprise!” when she walked through the door.  Needless to say, she was surprised and happy we remembered her birthday.  I remember her face when she saw that we had made her a cake.  “Oh my God!  You made this cake?”  Now to this day, I don’t know if she was impressed with the cake or terrified that we used the oven while she was at work.  I’m guessing a lot of both.  However, we didn’t burn ourselves or the house, so I’m thinking she thought all was good.  She made a huge deal of the cake and I was hooked.  Now we did leave out one key ingredient – the baking powder!  Boy was that cake dense!!  However, like I said I was hooked.  Taking everyday products like milk, flour, eggs, etc., putting them together and making something that makes people react in such a wonderful way – amazing!

Looking back I wish I had followed my dream and went into the food industry, but I didn’t.  I am just a pretty good home cook.  I am also 61 years old and the reality hit me recently that the diner I should have opened never would.  I came up with the idea to write about everything someone would have to do to open a diner and make it into a story.  This is the beginning and I’m going to call it ‘Last Chance Diner’.


Thanks for joining me!

“Learn to trust the journey, even when you don’t understand it.”  Mila Bron